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  • Absence from work costs UK business over £10 billion a year in direct costs.
  • The majority of the 192 million days lost due to absence each year is a direct result of ill health.
  • Research at the Prudential Insurance Company found that employees adhering to a regular fitness programme took, on average, 5 sick days less per year than less fit employees.
  • Corporate wellness programmes can enhance cohesiveness & create a more positive corporate identity, which ultimately reduces staff turnover and increases employee loyalty.
  • Fitter employees perform better. Regular exercise can reduce stress, improve levels of concentration & enable an employee to give an all round better performance.
  • Think of your employees as corporate athletes who need good preparation, sensible management and good health to deliver your mission statement.
  • Revolution offers your employees qualified specialist instructors, modern equipment, motivational programmes & classes & a clean relaxed environment to unwind & improve their health.

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  • Corporate Membership
  • £32.50 monthly
    6 months £195 up front
    12 months £390 up front
  • Must have 10 or more employees to qualify.


  • Full opening hours

  • Full access to the gym during opening hours

    Access to all Studio Classes

    Complimentart Fitness Consulation


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